Natural Bubblegum Xylitol Gum 55ct (6 Pack)

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Natural Bubblegum Xylitol Gum 55ct (6 Pack)

Unleash your inner child with Spry’s new Natural Bubblegum Gum!


Spry sugar-free gum contains xylitol, a natural sweetener with clinically-proven unique dental health benefits. This gum defends against bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay while freshening your breath in a convenient way. And with our new longer-lasting flavor, you’ll find it so easy to get your Spry on, you might even look forward to dental checkups!

Tap into your inner child’s natural excitement with Spry’s new and improved Natural Bubblegum Gum. You’ll enjoy the nostalgic flavor so much that your kids will have to remind you to spit out your gum before jumping onto the trampoline with them!