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We are committed to sustainability. Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service is one of the steps we take to demonstrate our pledge to Sustainable-minded. We are partnering with ERI (California), the global leader in ITAD to ensure that we meet expectations with this service.

More about ITAD

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process of securely and responsibly reusing or recycling of electronic assets which are no longer needed or no longer in service. Data security, information privacy, and environmental protection must all be addressed to safeguard an organization’s reputation and prevent costly fines. ITAD providers, at a minimum, should meet critical requirements for:
   • Data Security
   • Information Privacy
   • Environmental Protection
   • Traceability
   • Compliance
   • Redeployment
   • Remarketing
   • Recycling
   • Circular Economy
With the acceleration of new technology, the line between “electronic assets” and “IT assets” are blurred. There are increasing number of data bearing devices. The introduction of The Internet of Things (IOT) which is intensified by the large legacy of devices that many organizations have stockpiled.
ERI is the largest fully integrated ITAD service provider in the United States with the smallest downstream footprint.
M-CX working with ERI will help companies navigate all of these regulatory issues to ensure 100% compliance to achieve a sustainable and equitable action for the sake of environment.

This means ERI is able to process both data-bearing and non-data bearing assets for your organization while ensuring 100% data destruction and reducing environmental impact, all while maximizing asset recovery value.

ERI takes asset tracking seriously and developed the industry leading proprietary software Optech. Optech tracks every IT asset from the moment it arrives at ERI to its final disposition and provides 100% transparency into ERI’s operations through an easy-to-use client portal and mobile application.


ERI provides an end-to-end program to manage the complete disposition of retired Electronic & IT assets, ensuring 100% data destruction, maximizing asset value recovery, minimizing penalty charges & fines, ensuring complete regulatory compliance, and meeting or surpassing all corporate risk management requirements.

There are growing number of electronic devices worldwide. Whether it is office and personal equipment, data centers storing millions and even billions of gigabytes of identifiable information, and an increase in the average number of devices used by individuals, the need for a solution-based end of life disposition is more critical than ever.

Devices such as smart watches, digital children’s toys, household devices, cars, and more all include internet connectivity and data bearing capabilities.

Companies are required to ensure data is properly destroyed and are challenged by ever-changing privacy laws. While environmental and data security laws differ from state to state in the U.S and country to country globally thus compounding by a slew of international laws including landfill banse-waste legislation, data privacy regulations, and cybersecurity regulations. In certain locations, there are specific documents required to move assets from an office to a processing facility.

This documentation is complicated further by complex tax laws and trade-free zones.

Examples of some of the devices ERI processes include:

• Data Centers
Servers, Routers, Switches

• Productivity Devices
Computers, Tablets, Laptops, and Phones

• Office Equipment
Printers, Postage Meters, Phone Systems

• Video Display Devices
Televisions and Monitors

• Specialty Devices
Gaming/Slot Machines, Medical Equipment, Government Equipment, Solar Panels


• Consumer Electronics
Battery-powered Toys, Handheld Games, Smart Watches

• Industrial Electronics
Instrumentation and Control Devices, Lab Equipment, Metering

• POS Devices
Registers, Scanners, Self-Checkout, ATMs

• General Electrical and Electronics Scrap

• Nearly Any Device with A Cord or Battery

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